Founded in Seoul as a contractor of transfer automation, and import seller of German wall chaser and Indian mica products by the name of Wooil Industries

  Registered an authorized vendor of the spare and maintenance items for measuring instrumentation at Korea Electric Power Corp.

  Our contract division were incorporated as Wooil Machinery Co., Ltd.

  Registered a vendor of construction materials made by Balco, USA to major the general contractors in Korea

  Registered a vendor to Korea District Heating Corporation under cooperation with Gava Trading in USA, and started exportation of parts of level gauges.

  Started the business of gauge glass and sight glasses in borosilicate from Technische
Glaswerke Ilmenau, Germany

  Started OEM export to H-J Int'l, USA as for vacuum-pressure gauge, and thermometer, capillary thermostat, level gauges and sight flow indicators

  Wooil Industries has been incorporated as WOOIL Enterprises, Ltd.